Parenting agreement wasn’t forced on father | #parenting

A Franklin County judge is denying allegations by the Ohio Supreme Court’s disciplinary counsel that she dictated the terms of a parenting agreement in a divorce case and required the father to sign it without consulting with his attorney.

A lawyer for Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court Judge Kim A. Browne this week filed a formal response to the allegations, saying Browne did not issue a directive or dictate the terms of the parenting agreement that the couple signed.

The judge “was not present for any of the negotiations or for the drafting of the agreement,” according to the response filed by Michael Close, the attorney representing Browne.

The complaint against Browne was filed Dec. 15 by Disciplinary Counsel Joseph Caligiuri before the state Board of Professional Conduct. It accuses her of violating three provisions of the code of judicial conduct, including one that states judges “shall not act in a manner that coerces any party into settlement.”

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