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By Aishwarya AcharyaIf managing kids was difficult at other times, the pandemic has made it many times more demanding. Here’s how you can bring about some calm in the chaos

The year 2020 is hands down very overwhelming with the pandemic, nationwide lockdown, families and children holed up within the four walls of the house, schools functioning online and much more. The situation has been tough to grapple with, and parenting has been very challenging during these unprecedented times. We are left with no option but to evolve according to the current situation, adapt ourselves and move forward because that’s how life is!

Parenting during the pandemic calls for a new set of skills. Saru Mukerjee Sharma, a mom blogger of Diaper and Lipsticks, lists out how to manage your children during the pandemic.
Pay heed to your child’s fears and questions

Imagine how difficult and confusing it must be for children to come to terms with the situation. When we as adults are left anxious and feel mentally drained and helpless, children are probably the most affected. Their sense of routine is uprooted, and it is normal for them to have questions, concerns and worries of their own. After all, wherever you look, from news channels to social media, the space is flooded with negative news. Keep your calm and answer your child’s concerns; pay heed to their fears, explain what is going on and what has happened. Re-assure them that they and the world will get through it.

Establish a structured routine

With living rooms becoming the new backdrop for online classrooms, children not being able to head out to play or visit their friends and cousins, no set time for waking up or sleeping, the situation can turn topsy turvy. A set routine will reinstate a sense of control and calm both for you and your kids. Make a schedule, include offline activities, some personal time, time to study, catch up hobbies, include them in household chores, but most importantly fix a time to sleep, wake up and for meals.

Manage Media Consumption

With nowhere to go, stuck within the house, children and adults alike are reaching out for more and media consumption. Whether it is watching YouTube tutorials, catching up on the news, playing video games, reading books on kindle, attending online classes, endless scrolling on Instagram, or even playing Ludo online. Managing screen time becomes essential. Not only does more screen time directly affect eyesight and mental energy, but it also makes you lazy, lethargic and inactive. Make sure to keep a check and incorporate a structure. Set an example for your kids by going offline, keeping electronic devices aside before bed. Everyday habits started as diversions soon become addictions.

Extra Attention To Health And Well-Being

If not anything, this pandemic is a reminder of how important it is to maintain good health and immunity from the inside. It has been a testimony to the survival of the fittest rule. We have seen opting for more junk than usual. Be it binging on family movie nights or ordering in more often than usual; this is the time to regain and boost your immunity. Pay extra attention to health, both yours and that of your children. Opt for healthier snacking options like nuts and seeds, avoid preserved and canned foods as much as you can. Avoid ordering in and develop healthy habits. Take out time for physical exercise, even if it’s walking on the terrace for fifteen minutes. Get adequate rest and develop the habit of hygiene and handwashing. The lockdown is easing up, but the virus still lurks outside, it is essential to imbibe these things early and effectively.

Strike A Balance Between Family And Personal Time

It is essential that you, as a parent, take some time off and catch your breath. Indulge in some me-time. Strike a balance and adhere to it. Explain the concept of mental health to your kids. Also, make sure to spend some offline time together. More hugs, family board game time, reading to them before bed, exchanging stories or playing with play dough or blocks, these little things go a long way for your munchkins and can help them lead better lives ahead.

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