Parenting Children In Today’s World of Challenge 11/21 by Sharon Ann Wikoff | #parenting

Welcome to The Voice of Change.  Today the program will revolve around the process of parenting children in today’s society…when there is much challenge going on for most families.  After I first posted this program, SO much more has come forth regarding this subject!  I’m now seeing three very unique components to this process.

FIRST:  Self-care of yourself

SECOND: Monitoring of media along with excellent communication and connection with your child to address media/ challenges/changes in their life 

THIRD:  Special times with your children to support their choices of expression & free play, exploration & creative,  quietude & reflection

In addition, Magda Gerber, author of Dear Parent and an amazing child educarer, pointed out the importance of predictability in the life of young children and I believe it’s important in the life of all children.  Children do better with a predictable schedule and a sequence of events in their daily life so they know what to expect.  Also, I’ll share some of the basic ideas from The Power of Showing Up by Daniel Siegel and Tina Bryson.  

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