Parenting Expert, Lahar Bhatnagar on How Much Screen Time is Too Much For Kids | #parenting

Kids of today’s generation get exposed to technology and gadgets too soon; to be specific, even at times before they learn to speak properly. In every situation giving smartphones in the hands of toddlers and kids has become a solution that most parents adopt these days. But there are still some important questions you know about when it comes to kids and gadgets. How much screen time is good for kids? At what age parents should give phones to their children? These questions are addressed in this video by parenting expert and author, Lahar Bhatnagar. Also Read – HRD Guidelines For Online Classes by Schools: Cap on Screen Time For Students, 8 Steps of Digital Learning Outlined

Parents are in habit of giving phones to their children in several situations such as when they cry, don’t eat food, get bored or a bribe for completing their homework. Such habits increase their screen time from 5 hours to 6 hours, which is not healthy for the kid’s eyes and physical health. They are exposed to gadgets at the minimum age of 2.5 years. Also Read – Bharat: Katrina Kaif Feels ‘Fortunate’ For Getting Screen Time in a Salman Khan-Film

Although gadgets can’t be avoided completely by kids, sooner or later, are going to take notice of digital technologies and start using them. So it’s better to learn some new ways to reduce the screen time of kids. Also, you can’t ask your kid to not use a phone when he/she sees you doing the same thing the whole day. So, you can lead by example to lessen screen time of your kids. In this video, you learn new tricks to manage your kid’s screen time.

The Internet is a big world. There are a lot of things on the internet that kids shouldn’t be watching. Adult content and violent videos dominate the internet in all ways. So, it’s better to have control over your kid’s watch list. Parents must have control over what their child is watching and what they should watch. In this video, our expert has suggested ways for parents to manage content for their kids.

Mobile phone addiction among children is growing rapidly. They are being pulled away from the real world. They have started finding comfort in the virtual world. Parents should sit with their children and help them learn new things (as it not only helps them in learning quicker but also, strengthening the parent-child bond) rather than giving them phones to do the same. In this video, you would learn simple yet effective ways to manage the screen time of your kids suggested by a parenting expert.

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