Parenting expert shares insight on popular holiday toys | Wake Up Wisconsin | #parenting

Hottest Holiday Toys Interview 11-24

MADISON (WKOW) – The Wake Up Wisconsin crew sat down with a parenting expert to learn more about three hot toys for this year’s holiday wish lists. 

Scoot Cosmo ($34.99): “The Scoot Cosmo is as cool as it sounds,” said parenting expert, Caroline Tobin. “It’s an ultra-bright LED scooped drone, so it’s a little different than most toys you hear about. All you do is toss it to launch it with your hands. And it has cool LED lights and kaleidoscope effects and projections that go on to the ceiling and walls. It also has a 360 rotating light design. It makes you feel like you’re in another universe.”

Happy Cow Wash ($49.99): “This is from a brand called Schleich,” said Tobin. “They make these iconic animal figurines and farm settings. So it’s really nice for kids to play in a farm setting and the quality of the toys is so nice. And the whole purpose of Schleich toys is to drive imaginative play and storytelling. So once you put this set in kids’ hands, they are going to feel like they’re on a farm – perfect for Wisconsin!”

Gemini Extreme ($49.99): “The Gemini Extreme is for kids to practice their target shooting skills,” said Tobin. “It’s a multiplayer target shooting game. It’s great for solo play, or playing with family and friends at home or in the backyard and beyond. And what you do is you load it up with 10 soft foam balls into the blaster gun, you pump, and then rapid-fire the balls at the moving target. So this is great for kids to get active, get off the screens, and feel like they’re in an action movie or video game.”

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