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Parenting goals: Shilpa Bala sets major parenting goals; educates 4-year-old daughter Yamika about sanitary napkins | #parenting

TV host Shilpa Bala is setting major parenting goals. The anchor, who is the mother of her 4-year-old daughter Yamika, is gaining applause for educating her about sanitary napkins.

In the video that was shared on Shilpa’s social media handle, Yamika can be seen asking her mom whether it is her (Shilpa’s) ‘diapers’, pointing to a packet of sanitary pads. The little one also questions why Shilpa is using it as it is for kids. Interestingly, Shilpa tells Yamika that it is called sanitary napkins, which is used by grown-up girls and women. The part where the cutie-pie repeats ‘napkins’ after her mother is too adorable to be missed.

“The time has come where she would ask over 100 questions in a day! If they ask, always let them know facts than simple temporary lies 🙂 Because it is never too early to tell/teach them young! Whether you have a lil boy or a girl who is super inquisitive, this works best!,” she wrote.

Also, the young moms of the industry, Arya and Aswathy have also replied to the post.

Arya shared that his daughter Khushi, calls sanitary pads ‘Amma’s diaper pants’.

“Hihi… Happy to see such comfortable conversations-breaking the taboos! Happy parenting,” Aswathy replied to the post.

Here’s the video:

Shilpa Bala is one of the much-loved Malayalam TV anchors. Besides her anchoring stint, she is admired for her vlogs online. Recently, she gained attention with one of the dance videos with her hubby.

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