#PARENTING: Hack-Time! Here’s how to keep the kids off screens this SUMMER! | Max 106.3 | #parenting

Soon kids across the country will all be on summer break and for many of them that means screen time 24/7. But what if you don’t want your kid’s face to be glued to their device all day and all night of their vacation? It may be tough to get them to put down the iPad to go ride their bike or run through a sprinkler, but a checklist could be the key.

To make sure your kid does more this summer than play Minecraft or Fortnite, use a checklist that requires them to finish tasks BEFORE using their tech for the day. You can customize the checklist to include the personal tasks, chores and activities you want them to accomplish. The to-do list of things you want them to finish before using electronics could include:

Daily personal tasks:

● Brush and floss teeth

● Bathe/shower/wash face

● Get dressed

● Eat breakfast/lunch

Household chores:

● Clean your room

● Make your bed

● Put dirty clothes in hamper/washer

● Tidy up toys/books/crafts you’ve played with today

● Clean up after breakfast/lunch/snacks

Screenless activities to engage in before screen time:

● Read for 30 minutes

● Paint, color, write or build for 30 minutes

● Play outside for 30 minutes

● Ask adults if they need any help with anything


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