Parenting nowadays needs greater parent-children involvement: ministry | #parenting

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Parenting in the present times requires greater parental involvement with children, assistant deputy on children’s rights at the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA), Rohika Kurniadi Sari, has said.”In this era, parenting should involve children. It can’t be just done one way like it used to be,” she remarked at an online press conference on Wednesday.

Parenting styles that take children’s opinions into account have become essential, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as the social restriction policy requires parents to be around and care for their children 24/7, she explained, adding, all activities still have to be done from home.

In addition, spending time with children and using a positive approach have also become essential so that parents can better understand the needs of their children, she said.

Of course, when conversing with children, parents must use positive emotion so that good communication can be developed and children’s expectations can be expressed well, she expounded.

Parents need to make sure the communication does not center on them only, so that children can freely communicate their needs, she added.

Parents should also always keep in mind the commitment to fulfilling their children’s rights, Sari said.

Finally, the most critical requirement is that parents must get creative when spending quality time with their children, she informed.

Time spent with children should be filled with valuable activities, she said. To avoid boredom, parents need to get creative to make home activities fun, she added.

“Creativity that produces interesting actions will surely make the atmosphere at home pleasant,” the assistant deputy remarked.

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