Parenting support group expands to capitol city | #parenting

There are many books and resources on parenting, but where do you go if you still have unanswered questions?

Support groups like Flourish, which started in Dickinson, provide an environment for mothers and experts to bounce suggestions and tips off of each other.

“We’re an intimate group so you can get to know each other and talk very honestly about the struggles or concerns or milestones that come up during that pregnancy and early period of your life,” Bismarck Doula Community Vice President Willow Huisman said.

Huisman said there are several major challenges that no mother will escape.

“You miss lack of sleep doing things you’ve never done before with a child you never met before, and it goes and expand you as a person and our lives are just busy,” Huisman said.

The group meets every third Monday of the month.

“Having the people that you can call when you’re having a terrible afternoon or the people that you can kind of run through different things that come up and get different ideas and support,” Huisman said.

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