Parenting takeaways from Queen Elizabeth II’s journey as a mother | #parenting

Besides being a great monarch, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II is also a wonderful mother. Not only did she survive the tides of time, but she also managed to raise four efficient, self-independent kids. She and her husband, the late Prince Charles welcomed their first child in 1948. Two years later, their daughter, Princess Anne was born in 1950. After her father passed, the Queen gave birth to their third, Prince Andrew and finally, it was Prince Edward who was welcomed into the world.

As a mother of four, it is only right to believe that the parental journey may not have been that easy for the Queen. However, she has gotten this far and given that all her kids have faired considerably well, one might want to learn some parenting tricks from the Queen herself.

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Picture credit: Instagram/theroyalfamily

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