#PARENTING: @TIKTOK MOM’S lesson divides viewers! Is this ever okay?! | Max 106.3 | #parenting

One mother’s harsh lesson for her 5-year-old who wouldn’t clean his room has TikTok viewers split on best parenting practices. TikToker Tabatha Marie was frustrated that her young son refused to pick up after himself despite her repeatedly asking over the course of two days. But what she really didn’t appreciate was him apparently telling her to tidy up his room herself. She told her followers, “OK. I will do that. Gladly.” What followed was the TikToker filming herself dumping all of her son’s toys into trash bags. At the end of the video, his room is absolutely spotless — and devoid of anything to play with. She wrote on her TikTok: “My babies will learn this quickly.”

Some people praised the mother’s tough-love approach to parenting. One follower said that her mother did the same thing when she was younger, “and after that week with no toys I learned real fast to clean after myself.” But a number of concerned folks claimed that 5 might be a little young to expect a child to clean a whole room by himself, and taking away every toy he owns as punishment may not be as productive as the TikToker thinks.

Ultimately, the TikToker pushed back on the criticisms in a followup video, saying that her son has cleaned his own room for a year and knows telling his parents that it’s their job to clean up after him is an inappropriate response. While the boy’s room was still empty at the time of the followup, the TikToker said he’ll get his toys back when he earns them — but they’re hidden in the basement, not sitting on the curb waiting for trash day.

PARENTS: What do you say about this? How do you feel about this? What would you have done – or have you done anything like this before? Thoughts?

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