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Parenting tips for dads: How to be a loving and supportive dad | #parenting

A father’s positive engagement in a child’s life can drastically improve the well-being and growth of kids. Fatherhood is an evolving concept, and positive role played by fathers makes a child independent and adept in social skills. Fathers display a major role in giving emotional support and right guidance to their adolescents.

Why dads are important for children?

Dads play an important role in parenting their children. Quality time given by dads to their children boost child’s confidence and helps in overall development. Children benefit a lot by co-parenting as they become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of parents and their different views help the kids to grow up more rounded. Being close to fathers help the child to thrive better and understand the practical side of life. It escalates the child’s self-esteem and especially boys learn how to treat women nicely when they grow up. Kids feel secured in their father’s company.

Role of fathers in positive parenting
Father’s role is not only limited to being a breadwinner, his involvement and influence on the overall development of a child is of prime importance. With growing children fathers take the role of a friend, guide and mentor. As parenting is a team effort so the task of rearing a child is equally divided between the parents which involves the welfare of children by supporting their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

Parenting tips for dads
1. Fathers should give quality time to their child, kids grow fast and independent when nurtured under the shade of their dads.

2. It is important to discipline the child and fathers can do it best but, keeping the prerequisite of love and positivity in mind.

3. Become an excellent role model for your child. Fathers can teach the values of modesty, humility and responsibility to their children by demonstrating.

4. Fathers should be good listeners, they should converse with their children about important topics so that the kids become understanding, matured and confident adults.

5. Bonding in a family can be achieved when we eat together as a family. It gives the kids a chance to talk what they are doing and want to do. Fathers get perfect time to counsel children while dining with them.

6. A secure environment can be created for kids when parents respect each other in front of them.

It is important to realise the presence of fathers in children’s lives. Having a loving and understanding dad is a boon for growing kids as fathers play a vital role in a child’s future well-being and happiness.

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