Are you a parent that would do whatever it takes to make your child’s dreams come true? If you answered yes, you and your child are vulnerable to the Y.E.S. Public Relations scam! CEO and Founder of Y.E.S. Public Relations, Yvea Sarkisyan–Nunn, preys on young children and their families by selling broken promises claiming to make the child the next big thing. Yeva, better known as Eve, pitches herself and Y.E.S to victims and their families by persuading them to trust her by letting her represent the child to make them the next big kid star. Eve Sarkisyan convinces her victims to pay for expensive classes and workshops held by Y.E.S. Public Relations to prepare the children for stardom with poor quality portfolios. Once you have paid the initial consultation fee, Eve then tells parents in front of their children that in order for their children to make it big in the business they have to invest in their futures. At this point, the scammer has the parents folding under pressure and ultimately, they pay the outrageous fees.

Many of Eve’s victims wouldn’t mind getting their dignity and funds back however she has made it difficult by changing her phone numbers, office address and social media handles. Save yourself the embarrassment, guilt, anger and desperation by going far away from this con. She nor Y.E.S Public Relations can help kickstart anyone’s acting or modeling career.

If you think you or someone you know has been scammed by Eva Sarkisyan – Nunn through her company Y.E.S Public Relations, contact your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General or Better Business Bureau.