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A serious case was registered in Salem, Missouri (United States). It is about a 10-year-old girl who died due to lack of nutrition. This would have been caused by the negligence of his adoptive parents, who hid the food, according to local media.

According to information shared by Fox2, the minor died on October 3 in a hospital shortly after being admitted after fainting. Doctors indicated that the victim weighed only 15 kilos, almost half the weight he should have.

Likewise, the authorities mentioned that she was so emaciated and dehydrated that doctors were unable to draw her blood to carry out the respective tests.

The documents attached by the Police maintain that the minor’s bones were visible and that her skin had several lesions. They also indicated that in the house where she lived they found a child safety lock on the refrigerator and other food that was not available to the girl.

After the record, the authorities sought information from the adoptive parents, Randall and Susan Abney, who excused themselves, mentioning that their daughter was so thin because “she herself decided to stop eating.”

Under this response, they were asked why they did not take the minor to a hospital when they noticed her delicate situation, and the woman only managed to say that “she was too afraid of what others would think”.

When reviewing the housing facilities, the researchers found that The couple hid various foods in their room, while in the girl’s room there was only a mattress and a lamp, as well as a lock on the outside of the door.

Randall and Susan were transferred to a police station and reported for child abuse, so they will have to appear in court at the end of the month. The case remains under investigation.

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