Parents and Grandparents Arrested After Twins Found In Horrific Conditions

Two 9-month-old baby girls were found emaciated, starving, and covered with infected wounds. It’s one of the worst cases of child neglect in recent memory. Not only were the parents arrested for the abuse, but three grandparents were arrested for failing to report it.

Aislyn Miller, 24, and Kevin Fowler, 25, are the parents of the 9-month-old twins, who were found ‘looking like skeletons’. They told police that they didn’t have any experience caring for babies, and were not sure how to provide them with the care they needed. They also say they didn’t have health insurance, so they couldn’t get the babies checked out.

According to a nurse, the babies each weighed only around eight pounds and were severely malnourished. At 9 months old, infants should weigh between 15 and 24 pounds, according to pediatric growth charts. Both of the babies had severe diaper rash and bed sores, which were infected and had been neglected. One girl had a hair wrapped tightly around her finger, causing a festering wound. One girl had feces in her ear. The nurse said she even witnessed a maggot crawl out of one baby girl’s vagina.

Each parent has been charged with five counts of child neglect. In addition, Rita Fowler, Kevin Fowler’s 65-year-old mother who knew about the condition of the twins, was also charged.

Fowler had seen the girls just a month before they were found and hospitalized. Authorities concluded that she should have known by looking at them that they needed medical help, but she failed to call for help.

Johnny Miller, 47, and his wife Cathey, 54, who are Aislyn Miller’s parents, were also charged with child neglect and failure to report neglect.

The girls, now 13 months old, have been removed from the home, along with their two older siblings. The home was reportedly filthy. Due to the severe neglect the girls suffered, they’re lagging behind developmentally.