Parents and others attend a meeting prompted by a CHS teacher’s arrest

(CHARLOTTESVILLE – WINA) 50 parents and students attended a Monday night meeting at Charlottesvile High School that was triggered by last week’s arrest of a teacher. The parents have many questions about 56-year-old Richard Alan Wellbeloved-Stone, who was arrested at his home, and charged with possessing child pornography.

One mother has two daughters who have already graduated from CHS, and another girl who will begin the 10th-grade this semester. Amber Purdy says Wellbeloved-Stone was a big help to her oldest daughter, who took his environmental sciences course

Superintendent Rosa Atkins and City Police Deputy Chief Gary Pleasants also fielded questions. Atkins says school staffers will reach out to those who were impacted by the incident. Pleasants says the police investigation is still in its early stages.

Some parents were here during the 2006-’07 academic year, when a male student accused CHS Choir Director Jonathan Spivey of sexual transgressions. He eventually pleaded guilty to custodial indecent liberties, and went to prison.