Parents, #police speak out about #teens taking #inappropriate #pictures

A Fenton man accused of using social media to get pornographic photos from young girls heads to federal court.

Michigan State Police say 46-year-old Ray Moore II created four Facebook accounts and was posing as a high schooler to get teenagers to send him nude photos.

Moore faces child pornography charges for attempted production and possession.

His court hearing is at 1:30 Monday, Nov. 20 in Flint.

Now parents across mid-Michigan are shaken after learning about Moore’s case.

Police are also speaking up to let teens know there are very strict laws against taking and sending these photos.

Police say if kids take an inappropriate picture, it’s creating child pornography, a twenty-year felony.

If they send it, that’s a seven-year felony and if someone stores it on their phone, that’s a four-year felony.

But even though these laws are very severe, parents still worry their kids could be coerced.

Being a parent can mean walking a fine line sometimes. It’s a struggle Michelle Mertes knows firsthand.

“You want to monitor not hover you want to trust them it’s difficult,” Michelle said.

At first, she and her husband were wary of apps like Snap Chat and Instagram. Even though they know their soon to be teenager is responsible, they still worry about other people.

“It’s terrifying as a parent you hope that you’ve taught your kids right from wrong but there are people who can manipulate your kids into doing things they shouldn’t do and it’s hard,” she said.

Underage teens taking inappropriate photos is something Trooper Smith says happens often.

He focuses on educating kids across mid-Michigan, and hopes they know sending or posting these photos can have lifelong consequences.

“Someone does a quick Google search of your name and they see a photo you’ve taken when you were young and trying to get a really good job and they’re like we don’t want this and you say that was years ago they aren’t going to care,” he said.

Trooper Smith says he works on making sure teens know if someone loves you they will respect you and not ask you to send inappropriate pictures.