Parents react to Clements High School teacher arrested for sex-related crime | #teacher | #children | #kids

In the span of one week, three teachers across North Alabama have been arrested and charged with sex-related crimes.

Brody Gibson, 26, is one of them. He is charged with engaging in a sex act with a student. The Clements High School teacher is now on administrative leave.

Brody Gibson

Now, people in Athens are having tough conversations with their kids about sexual assault.

“It’s really shocking, you never really think it’s going to be at the school your kids go and you hear, it’s actually one of her teachers,” one mother said.

Gibson is now on administrative leave and charged with engaging in a sex act with a student under 19. He is listed as a sixth grade and seventh-grade social studies teacher.

He is also the head coach of the Clements High School baseball team, according to his personal Instagram account.

For father Don Ohlrich, he was not as shocked as others.

“It’s happening in all the communities,” Ohlrich said. “It’s not just this one and it’s not just here in Alabama, it’s all over the place.”

In fact, he said he is already taking part in a program with his church about how to talk to kids about sexual abuse.

“These guys are real smart, or ladies and so you have to watch the kid’s reactions and as far as my children are concerned, I’ll keep them updated,” Ohlrich said.

For now, Gibson is out of jail on a $5,000 bond. Both parents said it is now up to the law to see what comes out of this investigation. Limestone County Schools is working with the sheriff’s office on the investigation.

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