Parents speak out against bullying policy

A few parents say it’s time to address bullying at the grade school. They say it’s a problem. So is the way it’s handled.

Several moms went to the school board meeting tonight. One spoke at length about the problems her daughter and other students have had with bullying. She wants the school board to examine and change the bullying policy, at least at the grade school level.

At this month’s school board meeting public comments came first. Amy Huskisson started her time with a story her 6 year-old daughter told her about a 9 year-old boy at recess.

She says, “He chased her down, wrapped his arms around her, and squeezed her as hard as he could to the extent that her face turned red, almost a purpleish color. It took other children to pull him off of her. When he let go she was gasping for air.”

She says some adults confronted the boy that day, but the problems continued for her daughter and other kids. Huskisson says the incidents were dealt with in different ways. She doesn’t agree with that.

Huskisson says, “I think that you should have a standard policy for any type of bullying. I don’t feel that you can pick and choose.”

“Sometimes those investigations are pretty simple. Sometimes they’re a bit more complex,” says Fisher’s superintendent Barb Thompson. She says it can’t be cut and dry, and she knows that won’t sit well with everyone.

“We know that they were going to be instances, sometimes in spite of our efforts, we may not meet somebody’s expectation, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not trying and that we’re not making headway and that we are not seeing improvements.”

Huskisson says as a frustrated parent she has one improvement in mind.

“What I think we are all trying to accomplish is let’s change the policy,” she says.

A school board member did responded to Huskisson’s comments on Wednesday. He said bullying policy is something they will continue to review. The superintendent adds some district employees have been on edge about bullying recently.