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Reality star Amber Leann Portwood first caught our attention when she became a cast member of the MTV reality series, 16 and Pregnant and then later on Teen Mom OG. She was pregnant and actually 18 at the time, living with her boyfriend Gary Shirley. The show follows young girls dealing with the hardships of teenage pregnancy. Amber’s journey has not been an easy one – she has dealt with addictions, prison sentences, custody issues, rehab, and feuding with baby daddies, which, frankly, have all made her stronger.

Many things have changed since we first met her over a decade ago, from significant others to hairstyles but her biggest transformation is her body. Amber has always shared her struggles with losing weight and staying in shape especially after her diagnosis with borderline personality together with her previous diagnosis of bipolar disorder and anxiety. Amber has certainly come a long way; here are 20 photos of her transformation over the years.

20 16 And Pregnant, 2008

Amber Portwood Pregnant and in an orange top
Via: pinterest.com

We first met Amber when she was expecting her first child, with her then-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. Here, Amber was about to pop and decided to turn her bump into a pumpkin for Halloween and matched it with an orange top. According to usmagazine, her daughter, Leah was born just a few weeks later.

19 New Mom In Town

Amber holding her newborn baby
Via: usmagazine.com

Amber is pictured holding her newborn, Leah Leann Shirley, born in November 2008. At that time, Amber and Gary’s relationship was rocky mostly because of money issues and being teenage parents as usmagazine reports. However, Gary tried to salvage it by proposing and Amber accepted but things did not change, leaving the couple’s relationship estranged.

18 Out And About

Amber wearing blue jeans and a yellow top
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In this pic, Amber had really cut down her baby weight and looked good while out-and-about doing her errands but according to wetpaint, this was not a healthy weight loss. Amber was using drugs at the time, which caused her to lose weight. Her addiction got her into more legal problems later.

17 Amber With Baby Leah

Amber Holding her baby and posing for a photo
Via: perezhilton.com

Amber here paused for a pic with her daughter just before her arrest. According to dailymail, Amber had been in and out of jail for domestic violence, possession of controlled substances and violation of her probation. Gary was even granted full custody of Leah and Amber was not allowed to contact her.

16 Amber Spotted Leaving Her House

Amber opening her car door carrying a black bag
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Amber was spotted leaving her house a week after her suicide attempt. According to eonline, she had taken a lot of drugs and had to be hospitalized. Her addiction had taken over and at one time, she even threatened to take her life. This toxic situation was because of the sudden fame associated with being on TV.

15 Trouble With The Law

Amber in an orange and white stripped top
Via: heraldbulletin.com

After being in and out of jail for a while, her bad deeds caught up with her and she was locked up. As Heraldbulletin reports, she chose to drop out of a drug court rehabilitation program and instead serve a five-year sentence because according to her the program would not have helped her. Here she was wearing an orange and white striped jail uniform.

14 Released From Prison

Amber released from prison
Via: nydailynews.com

Amber decided to reform once she got to prison. As usmagazine reports, she earned her GED, finished two prison courses and attended substance abuse classes which led her to be released early due to good behavior. In this pic, she was finally out of prison, ready to start a new life as a reformed person.

13 Life After Jail

Amber in a pink jumper getting out of a vehicle
Via: usmagazine.com

After serving 17 months behind bars, Amber was ready to turn over a new leaf. Here she was photographed for the first time since her release leaving the Frisch Big Boy restaurant back in 2013. According to dailymail, she was focusing on being a good mom and working on a joint custody agreement with her ex Gary.

12 Reunion With Baby Leah

Amber reading her baby a book
Via: realmrhousewife.com

Amber seemed to have packed on a few pounds probably from eating all the good foods she had missed while in prison. Here she was reading a storybook titled Floating and Sinking, to her 3-year-old daughter who looked very engaged. According to usmagazine, she was granted shared custody with Gary.

11 Turning Her Life Around

Amber out with DJ Matt Baier
Via: eonline.com

Amber decided to dive back into the dating world and after meeting DJ Matt Baier on Twitter, they started dating. Here, Amber was pausing for a photo with her new man. She looked happy and different with dyed hair and a slightly smaller frame. She had also returned to film Teen Mom OG as eonline reports.

10 Break Up With Matt

Amber in white hair
Via: people.com

After dating for over three years and getting engaged, Amber broke up with Matt. According to people, she revealed that she was unhappy and depressed in the relationship and had to get out. She later found out that he might have been cheating on her. This led her spiraled out of control and turned back to drinking and eating unhealthy.

9 The VMA Debut

Amber at the VMAs
Via: thehollywoodgossip.com

Amber did not stay single for too long, she started a new relationship with cinematographer Andrew Glennon. In this pic, the pair made their red carpet debut at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) as hollywoodlife reports, flaunting the most adorable PDA on the carpet. Amber looked stunning in rose gold hair and silver lace gown.

8 Pregnant With Baby Number 2

Amber with her man wearing a blue dress
Via: usmagazine.com

Amber and Andrew were excited to share the news of their pregnancy with the world. To announce it, Amber shared a “we’re pregnant” photo on Instagram. Here, Andrew is gently holding her growing bump. Amber was probably experiencing a lot of morning sickness hence why she looks a little pale as parents reports.

7 New Mommy

Amber taking a selfie of herself and baby number 2
Via: twitter.com

Amber shared this selfie of her and Baby James Andrew Glennon captioning “ugh I just love this so much.” The reality star gave birth in May 2018 and seems to be enjoying every bit of being a mother of two. According to eonline, Leah was also excited to be a big sister; she even practiced her holding skills with a doll.

6 The New Addition

Amber's family photo
Via: thedigitalwise.com

Amber, Andrew and baby James pause for a perfect family photo. Here Amber had bounced back after giving birth and she looked amazing. Meanwhile, the two are enjoying living a low-key family life at home with their new addition. They have adjusted to having indoors date nights until James gets older as usmagazine reports.

5 Amber Arrested Again

Amber walking along the street holding papers
Via: tmz.com

Amber got into trouble with the law again in July 2019. According to dailymail, she was facing another set of domestic charges against her then-boyfriend Andrew. Amber allegedly went after him with a machete while he was holding their son. Here she is seen at a courthouse alongside her mom for an emergency child custody hearing.

4 Mother-Daughter Time

Amber and her daughter spending time together
Via: usmagazine.com

Amber and her 11-year-old daughter spent some mother-daughter time getting some mani-pedi. Leah looked excited to be getting her nails did and Amber seemed relaxed to be taking time off mommy mode with the little one. Cafemom reports that Leah was devastated when her mom was arrested again because she didn’t want James taken away from her.

3 Moved Out

Amber in a beautiful green dress posing for a photo
Via: usmagazine.com

As celebnewnetwork reports, Amber was not allowed to contact her son for almost three weeks but the no-contact order was removed permitting her to see him but under supervision. However, she is still not allowed to contact Andrew and therefore had to move out. Amber is currently staying with her mom amid all the drama.

2 Last Pic

Amber celebrating her daughter's birthday
Via: thesun.co.uk

Amber shared this pic of her and Leah on Instagram and informed her fans that she was quitting Instagram and leaving all the negativity behind. As thesun reports, she took a plea deal in the domestic violence case against Andrew and was sentenced to 906 days of probation. She had recently celebrated Leah’s 11th birthday and was at awe how much she has grown.

1 New Man?

Amber taking a selfie wearing glasses and a blue and white jumper
Via: twitter.com

Various sources have revealed that Amber is now dating someone new. The new catch is a photographer from Belgium called Dimitri Garcia. According to cheetsheet, Dimitri is a fan of Teen Mom and reached out to Amber on social media. Amber cannot travel much due to her probation and therefore it looks like Dimitri will be the one traveling to Indiana if the relationship goes serious

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