#parents | #teensvaping | A Teen Boy Who Was A Victim Of Modern Slavery Sentenced To Four And A Half Year For Stabbing A Man

The Teenager Was initially A Victim:

It has recently been in the news that a teenager. Who had been convicted for killing a middle-aged man named Darren Edginton, who was not less than 39-year-old, is a part of oppression, it came to light that the same teenager had been a victim of modern slavery. He killed the man to death during a row over a stolen bicycle.

He Was Forced To Supply Drugs:

It also came to light that the teenager who was just 14-year-old, and was accused of murdering a man named Darren Edington, was forced to supply drugs since the age of 11, it is still not known how he became a victim of something like this that could probably be termed as modern slavery, but it is evident that he was forced into this modern slavery where he was supposed to supply drugs and previously was a part of County Lines operation.

He Was Obsessed With Weapons:

It was also found that the same teenager was obsessed with weapons that too deadly when his phones and personals belongings were checked it was found that there were more than 600 images of blades and knives, the investigating team also checked his search histories on social media that revealed the stories about fatal stabbings.

He Plunged Knife Into Man’s Chest:

On July 21 of 2020, in St. Paul’s area of Bristol, he ambushed the man Darren Edginton who was believed to be 39-year-old and plunged a knife into his chest, the teen boy is now convicted of manslaughter and has also been sentenced to 4 years in prison with an addition of 6 months and a two year extended licence period. The judge who gave the verdict called it to be a wicked crime that should not have taken place.

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