#parents | #teensvaping | Drug lords must be ‘shamed, despised’ for murder of teen, insists archbishop

Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has lashed out at those behind the murder of Keane Mulready-Woods, saying the “horror” of his death showed how drug lords have sunk to the “lowest level of depravity”.

At a Service of Commemoration and Hope in Sean McDermott Street parish in Dublin’s inner city, Dr Martin stated: “There is no place for dialogue with such depravity.

“We can only be satisfied when the real leaders are shown up shamed and despised for what they are and they finish locked up in ignominy.”

Dr Martin said the inner city community in Sean McDermott Street who gathered to commemorate lost loved ones had had to face more than its share of the “plague of drug abuse”.

It was a community that had been victim of the “heartless and unscrupulous exploitation of the drug trade for decades”.

“Even young children are being dragged into and entrapped in the world of drugs in order to enrich unscrupulous and heartless drug lords,” he added.

Meanwhile, the man who found the limbs of the 17-year-old, who was murdered and dismembered in Drogheda last month, has revealed his horror when he opened the sports bag that had been dumped from a car near his home on January 13.

The man said the sight reminded him of grisly Netflix drug cartel dramas like ‘Narcos’. “I’m haunted by what I saw in that bag. It shook me to the core,” he said.

He explained he was drawn outside his home in Moatview, Coolock by the sound of sirens coming from a Garda chase in the area, and saw the bag on a low wall at the junction of Moatview Gardens and Moatview Drive.

“I walked out to see what all the commotion was about and I noticed the bag. It looked fairly new and it was just sitting on the wall,” the man told the ‘Sunday World’.

“It was a long sports bag – I didn’t notice a brand on it. My first thought was that it was after being thrown out of a car and left there because of the police being in the area.

“I thought, maybe someone had forgotten their gym gear; that it was stolen goods, or it was drugs. And there was drugs found out there not so long ago so it wouldn’t have been too far of a leap.

“I picked it up and I went into the house with it. The bag was heavy – that’s what really piqued my interest.

“I thought there’s something important in this. We opened it up – me and another person in the house – after we brought it out to the front room.

“She thought it was meat from an animal but when I looked at it closely I said: ‘That’s not meat… that’s a human leg.’ And then I saw the arms and a pair of flip flops.”

The man said he went into a panic when he realised what he had brought into his home.

“When I realised what we had in the house I ran back out with it and put it back where it came from,” he said .

“By then all the neighbours came out because we were screaming ‘there are body parts in the bag’. And one of the neighbours rang the gardaí.

“They arrived about 15 minutes later and we said it to them that there were body parts in it,” he explained.

Gardaí had received intelligence Keane Mulready-Woods had been murdered as part of the Drogheda drug feud which has escalated in violence in recent months.

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