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Vaping with JUUL products doubled or tripled for teens and young adults between 2018 and 2019. A study shows that use among people between 18 and 20 years old doubled while those between 21 and 24 who were using tripled.

For the teens, the percentage of users went from 11.9 percent to 23.9 percent while stats show that use among those in their early 20s went from 5.6 percent to 18.1 percent. These aren’t the only two groups to show an increase, but it was the most dramatic. Use among those between 25 and 34 increased from 3.2 percent to 8.2 percent.

These statistics aren’t the only ones that are concerning. The frequency of use is also disturbing. The study shows that more people who are vaping do so at least 10 days each month. The percentage increased from 26.1 percent to 37.6 percent.

Many agencies, including those in public health, are concerned about the rate of use for youth, and they are calling it an epidemic. One reason for the concern is that use among those between the ages of 18 and 20 is the highest, and they are most susceptible to developing an addiction.

How JUUL Compares

One of the unique features of this study is that it not only focuses on e-cigarettes in general but on JUUL products in particular. As the industry leader, JUUL has a strong customer base. In fact, while use of e-cigarettes overall increased by 22.8 percent from 2018 to 2019, use of JUUL products went up by almost 83 percent.

Use of JUUL vaping products for those between 21 and 24 years of age increased twice the rate of e-cigarettes in general. For those between the ages of 25 and 34, the results are staggering. Use of e-cigarettes went up by 22.9 percent. Use of JUUL vaping devices was up by an astounding 245.4 percent.

Combine totals to get an increase of just over 12 percent for all users with e-cigarettes while JUUL users went up by nearly 124 percent. While the results may be shocking and even alarming, they shed a light on what is happening. Experts say that any policies on e-cigarettes must focus on JUUL products.

JUUL appeals to the younger age ranges because it offered fruity flavors and mint along with the traditional nicotine products. These other flavors enticed new users who enjoyed using these vaping devices. Even though JUUL stopped selling those products in the US, the device itself is modern and stylish. It’s so small that it’s barely noticeable, which makes it easy to bring into school or carry anywhere else. In fact, the JUUL devices became somewhat of a status symbol.

While many people are advocating for laws to restrict usage, some experts say that these laws must consider the problem of addiction. If the users no longer have access to JUUL products and other e-cigarettes, they may turn to other products. Addiction treatment must be included in these new laws, say experts.

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