#parents | #teensvaping | Foster carer admits drugging disabled teenager with morphine

She was later rushed to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where a urine sample returned positive results for morphine and codeine.

Ballarat police were notified on November 24, 2016, and executed search warrants on Ms Lizzul’s home, where they discovered two packets of morphine sulphate in the garage.

The court was told the drugs had been prescribed to Ms Lizzul’s children, Mathew and Caitlin Lizzul, who had both died after suffering from genetic disorders.

During an interview with police, Ms Lizzul denied giving the girl morphine, but rather a strong analgesic called Painstop.

In a victim impact statement read out to the court, the girl’s biological mother said the tragic incident had shattered their faith in Victoria’s disability care system. The family recently relocated to the United Kingdom after living in Australia for 27 years.

They had been forced to place their daughter in the care of Ms Lizzul in 2015, when the child’s father was injured in an accident and the family was under severe mental and financial strain.

“To a vulnerable family like ours, Sue Lizzul was someone we could trust. We believe Sue Lizzul betrayed us all,” said the child’s mother in a statement.

It would not be the first time their daughter was betrayed by a disability service.

In August 2013, she was placed into a pilot program at a Ballarat facility in which four children in need of 24-hour care would live together under the care of disability services provider.

The program was terminated amid allegations of abuse and neglect, and was later the subject of multiple investigations by Victoria Police, the Department of Human Services and the state’s Disability Services Commissioner.

Ms Lizzul will face sentencing on March 3.

Crown Prosecutor Andrew Moore requested that Judge Meryl Sexton not impose a custodial sentence on Ms Lizzul, who was assessed for a community corrections order on Wednesday afternoon.

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