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A GANG has been jailed for an attack on a teenage girl in which she was tasered, shot with a BB and bitten on the nose. 

Kate Wills, her boyfriend Terry Sneap and his friend Scott Dore attacked the terrified 19-year-old as she walked home through Newton Abbot after midnight.

She saw three figures lurking in the darkness and heard shots as Sneap opened fire with a realistic looking gun, firing ball bearing pellets. 

The victim felt the missiles hitting her and tried to run but was pounced on by all three as she tripped. Wills sat astride her and tasered her in the face repeatedly, at one stage aiming for her eye.

She also pulled up the girl’s skirt and aimed the taser between her legs, but it had run out of charge.

She then bit her so hard on the nose that she needed to have the wound glued in hospital. The earlier shocks from the taser left the girl unable to fight back.

Sneap carried on shooting her with BB pellets while Dore kicked and stamped on the helpless woman as she lay on the ground. Doctors found a shoe print on her neck. The trio ended the attack by rifling through her bag and stealing an iPod and other items before fleeing to their homes nearby.

The motive for the attack was never established.

Wills, 27, of Howards Way, Buckland; Sneap, 30, of Darran Road, Kingsteignton, and Dore, 27, of Sandringham Road, Newton Abbot, all admitted causing actual bodily harm.

Wills also admitted possessing a prohibited weapon, handling stolen goods and possession of cannabis. Sneap admitted production of two cannabis plants and Dore admitted theft. 

Wills was jailed for 16 months and 20 days; Sneap for 14 months; and Dore for 15 months and 20 days by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court.

He said: ‘Whatever the background, there is no justification for what you did. You all bear responsibility.

‘You, Sneap, fired at her again from much closer range, you and Dore kicked her to the head and body while on the ground and there was a rather alarming footprint on the back of her head and top of her head.

‘Wills, you straddled her and took out a prohibited weapon, a taser disguised as a torch. You applied it repeatedly to her neck and face and it seems to have been focused on her eye.’ 

Mr Lee Bremridge, prosecuting, said the 19-year-old victim had just crossed the footbridge heading for the Buckland estate shortly after midnight on August 10 when she was attacked.

She was left with puncture type wounds from BB pellets on the left side of her body, extensive bruising to her head and torso and a bite mark on her nose. 

She recognised one of the attackers but had no idea why she was targeted. She was frightened to go out on her own in Newton Abbot. 

Mr Martin Salloway, for Wills, said she had not been in serious trouble before but had got into a destructive relationship with Sneap. Her children were being cared for by her parents and she hoped to be part of their lives when she was released.

Mr Gareth Evans, for Sneap, said he had worked all his life as a bricklayer who had been a model prisoner while on remand and attended courses to address the issues that lay behind his offending.

Miss Emily Pitts, for Dore, said he had mental health issues which led to him abusing drink and drugs but had started to overcome his problems while in jail.


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