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        by <span class="article-author">Michael Leischner</span>


    <p>MADISON, WI (WSAU) -- Governor Tony Evers is taking aim at teenage vaping ahead of Wednesday's State of the State address.

On Sunday the Governor announced that he will be encouraging lawmakers to pass a battery of bill on the habit including a statewide ban on vaping products on all K-12 campuses and funding for a public health education campaign regarding the dangers of vaping. Another proposal would expand enforcement capabilities by the Department of Ag, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

Ever’s agenda announced on Sunday also includes orders for various state agencies including the Department of Health Services, calling for them to bolster their partnership with the Department of Public Instruction to tweak and enforce tobacco-free policies. DHS has also been called to develop outreach strategies with healthcare workers to warn children about the risks of electronic cigarette products.

DATCP has also been called to issue a consumer alert regarding youth vaping and the risks involved in it. They’ve also been ordered to update consumer protection information and websites to include information on reporting suspicious business activity related to the illicit sale of e-cigarettes and vapor products to youth.

“As a parent, grandparent, and lifelong educator, I am deeply concerned about the health and well-being of our kids,” Gov. Evers said. “Vaping is a serious public health epidemic and it is time to take action. State agencies will continue to work closely with local public health officials, law enforcement, and the medical community to implement solutions, but we also need our partners in the legislature to join us in order to really move the needle. I hope to see these bills pass quickly and with bipartisan support.”

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