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The drug-fuelled deaths of Whitney Houston, daughter Bobbi Kristina and her ex Nick Gordon bring to a tragic close “the most tormented family drama ever” and could have been avoided, according to a documentary maker.

Discovered on New Year’s Day with “black stuff” oozing out of his mouth, Nick, 30, who was found responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death, died in hospital from a suspected drug overdose in Orlando, Florida.

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His death comes five years after his girlfriend was found unconscious in the bathtub aged 22 and later died, and eight years after her mum, singer Whitney Houston was found dead in eerily similar circumstances, passed out in a bathtub where she drowned after taking drugs.

Now a filmmaker and expert on the family has told Sun Online all the deaths could have been avoided, but Whitney refused to accept her demons and seek help – and her daughter followed in the same footsteps.

James Desborough, who worked on ITV documentary Autopsy: The Last Hours of Whitney Houston, described Nick and Bobbi Kristina as a “perfect storm of disaster” and said no one in Whitney’s camp will be surprised at his death.

He told Sun Online: “The passing of Nick Gordon draws a tragic close to one of the most sickening tormented celebrity family dramas ever – and it could have been all avoided.”

“Gordon was one of the publicly released names that came into contact with Whitney and Bobbi Kristina and ended up dead,” Desborough explained.

“Many others, who have never been named, too spiralled into addiction, money woes and some even ended up in legal problems.

“Sadly Whitney’s voice and talent were heavenly, but the impact of her personal problems were devilish.

“One former friend of Whitney once told me that Bobbi Kristina never stood a chance, because she picked up the same personality trait as her mum. Whitney refused to accept her demons and addictions, and her daughter followed that path.

“And Whitney had many, many chances offered to her over the years to get clean and go to a full scale rehab, but she just found excuses to avoid it.

“In fact at times, friends said rather than excuses she just found others that would supply her with drugs and prescription medication so she could escape even considering it.”

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Nick, a friend of Bobbi Kristina’s moved in with Whitney as a teen, after leaving the home of his mother and stepfather.

Whitney referred to him as her godson, but he was never officially adopted and struck up a romantic relationship with Bobbi Kristina after her death.

The couple became heavy drug users with their former pal and drug dealer Steven Stepho – who later died of a drug overdose – telling The Sun how the pair would spent $1,000 a day on drugs, taking anything they could get their hands on including heroin and Xanax.

“There were times when it got really bad — they would be completely passed out for hours, just lying there on the bed,” he said in a 2015 interview.

“There were times when she would be so knocked out she would burn herself with a cigarette and not even notice. She was always covered in cigarette burns.”

A series of shocking pictures of Bobbi Kristina, allegedly snorting cocaine at a party emerged in 2011, and an ex boyfriend later revealed how she had been abusing Xanax from the age of 16.

Another ex-boyfriend Max Lomas, who found Bobbi unresponsive in her bathtub – and who also later died from an overdose – admitted to People magazine that drugs, partying and fights were constant in Bobbi Kristina and Nick’s lives, saying, “We were all pretty bad into drugs.”

Things became so bad between Nick and the Houston family at the time, that Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister in law, petitioned for a restraining order against Nick – claiming he had made threatening comments and posted pictures of guns.

“Bobbi Kristina inherited the same personality from her mother, and with that came the enablers and the drug addicts,” James, who has spent years researching the family, said.

“Nick and she were a perfect storm of disaster – two young people, whose addictions ruled their lives without concern for their mortality. Both ignored offers to save themselves and so their fate was sealed.”

“It speaks volumes that so many of Whitney’s friends have stayed silent about Bobbi Kristina’s passing as they knew that it reflected badly of her mother’s mothering skills.

“To see Nick end his life came as no surprise to those in Whitney’s camp.”

Nick was ordered to pay more than $49 million to Bobbi Kristina’s family after being found legally responsible for her death in November 2016.

While he never faced criminal charges, a lawsuit alleged that Bobbi Kristina died “due to a violent altercation” with her boyfriend, who “placed her in a bathtub, unconscious, after he injected her with a toxic mixture”.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick’s drug-fuelled relationship had many similarities with her parents Whitney and Bobby Brown’s tumultuous marriage which ended in 2007 following years of rumours of cheating, heavy drug use and allegations of domestic violence.

Whitney admitted she had spent months living in her pyjamas hooked on crack in the 90s during a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2009.

In 2006 a string of pictures emerged showing her filthy bathroom, littered with crack pipes and cocaine-encrusted spoons.

Whitney’s former limo driver Al Bowman revealed how he once saw Whitney and Bobby smoking crack in the back of his limo in front of five-year-old Bobbi Kristina.

Al, who drove Whitney for around two decades, said she and her husband would “get wasted” in the back of his limo on a daily basis but he was shocked when she openly smoked crack in front of her young daughter.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it, it was heartbreaking, out of control … Whitney was a complete train wreck. I couldn’t bear seeing her daughter sat there in amongst it all.”

There were also allegations of violence – with police even being called to the couple’s Georgia home in 2003 to find Whitney suffering from a cut lip and bruised cheek and charging Bobby with battery.

James Desborough believes Bobbi was troubled for years and felt neglected by her mum, even cutting herself and stealing her prescription pills for attention.

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As a young teen she even passed out from drinking vodka and another time nearly died from a drug binge, according to friends.

“’This will upset some of Whitney’s family, but behind closed doors many of her friends felt that Whitney sadly was not the mother she hoped to be,” Desborough said.

“She loved the idea of being a mother to Bobbi Kristina, but in practice she was a long way from being the right person to raise her.

“Through no fault of her own, she had been brought up being the centre of attention and she felt that was the case no matter what room she walked in to.

“She could not relinquish that power and you cannot do that with kids; and so for much of her childhood Bobbi was not the focus of her attention.”

Desborough continued: “It meant that the upbringing and the needs of normality that Bobbi Kristina needed were neglected.

“That created a saddening void between the pair, where Bobbi Kristina just craved her mother’s attention and always felt that she lived in her shadow.

“At one stage Bobbi Kristina went through a cutting phase, where she would use scissors to slice her arms to get her mum’s attention.”

Another friend says that she often stole Whitney’s prescription pills and put them in her room, so that her mother would engage with her.

“Vodka was often left around in the home, which meant Bobbi Kristina became used to alcohol at a young age,” Desborough said.

“One friend told me that Whitney once found her passed out on the floor when she was in her early teens after drinking half a bottle.

“Another said that mimicking her mother’s use of pills almost killed her during one binge.

“Whitney just hated dealing with the reality of what faced them as a family if she had her treated professionally. First she feared the family would be split and also that her dark secrets would mean, doctors would have to stage an intervention on her too.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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