#parents | #teensvaping | Iowa vaping prevention campaign directed at youth

DES MOINES, Iowa- The State of Iowa is launching a new vaping awareness and prevention campaign. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says it aims get the word out to teens especially, about vaping realities and consequences. The Iowa Department of Public Health is launching a Vaping vs Reality video for teens and parents.

The state has recorded nearly 40-cases of vaping related, lung illnesses. Most of those who have gotten ill, admitted vaping a T-H-C product.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reports from 2016 to 2018, youth vaping in Iowa increased from 4% to 10%.

Officials say during that same time period, vaping among 11th graders increased from 9.% to 22.%; and from 3% to 8% among 8th graders.

State Health officials say 29-percent of 11th graders say they vape on a daily basis.

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