#parents | #teensvaping | Irish Teens Feel Vape Makers Are Targeting Them

Teenagers believe e-cigarette and vape companies are targeting them with sweet flavoured vapes.

Focus groups of 3rd and 4th year students by the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Heart Foundation found they were unanimous in their view of companies using sweet flavours to appeal to them.

One participant said some packaging looked like a milkshake or a smoothie, with another saying some ‘have Skittles on it’.

CEO of the Irish Heart Foundation, Tim Collins, says the results are stark.

“It’s quite plain that the packaging takes its cues from packaging and products which are designed for children, and the flavours take their cues from products which are popular among children, so quite plainly they’re not aimed at adults,” he said.

“The industry is being not only disingenuous but dishonest in the way that it’s actually is portraying these products.”

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