#parents | #teensvaping | Jail for rapist who subjected teens to three-day ordeal in their home

Allen repeatedly told the 17-year-old girl he wanted to have sex with her but she told him “I’m only a kid”.

He replied: “I don’t care.”

In a bid to protect her friend the 18-year-old woman slept with Allen, but he continued to harass the other girl.

He then took the 17-year-old victim out to buy cigarettes and forced her friend to remain in the house.

Instead of driving back to the property he drove to a secluded part of the street and locked the car doors.

“I’m just a kid, can I please go, I just want to go see my friend,” the teenager begged.

But despite her pleas and tears Allen asked the terrified teen why she was “playing so hard to f—ing get”.

It was in the car where he grabbed her by the hair, digitally raped her and tried to force her to perform a sex act on him.

Eventually he returned to the nearby home where at one point Allen threatened to bash the 18-year-old woman.

“Despite her refusals … you did not stop,” Victorian County Court Judge Patricia Riddell told him  in her sentencing remarks on Thursday.

“Your sole aim was your own sexual gratification and you were prepared to achieve that with threats and aggression. It was no doubt a terrifying experience for that young woman.”

The pair were able to get Allen out of the house and report his behaviour to police, but not before he stole the young girl’s television.

It was a “nasty act” and another attempt to control the two teenagers, Judge Riddell said.

Allen also had a lengthy criminal history including assaults and violence towards women.

A jury found him guilty of assault with attempt to commit a sexual offence, rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

But he also admitted supplying a drug of dependence to a child, theft and drug trafficking.

The 42-year-old was jailed for 11 years and two months, but will be eligible for parole after serving nine years.


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