#parents | #teensvaping | Madison City Schools holds parent forum on vaping

Madison City Schools held a forum for parents to learn more about vaping products and the district’s policy for student’s caught with these products.

It’s the second year the district is hosting this event, and the district said it wants to make sure parents know about the different types of vape products out there, what they look like and how teenagers are getting them and the dangers of vaping.

It’s a message the district says parents need to hear, and a student WAAY 31 spoke with said it’s one students need, too.

“I have seen some withdrawals and like some people say they can stop but they don’t ever,” Zoe Shellabarger, a student, said.

Shellabarger is a sophomore at Bob Jones High School. She said she has friends who became addicted to vaping

“It’s hard to see because like they’re my friends but i don’t know how else to tell them that it’s dangerous because they know and they just continue to do it,” she said.

Shellabarger said she knows the different types of vape products out there, but some parents don’t. That’s why Madison City Schools is hosting Tuesday’s forum. The district wants to inform them about the dangers of vaping and the different type of products their teenagers could be buying.

“We’re seeing more disposable vapes, we’re seeing vapes that contain THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana,” Dr. David West, the safety coordinator for Madison City Schools, said.

They also want to remind parents about the district’s policy on vaping.

“It is a class three offense to possess a vape. We categorize it as a possession of drug paraphernalia,” West said.

He said even though the district changed its vaping policy last year, they still have student’s who are caught with products at school. He said by keeping parents informed, hopefully they’ll work to spread the message to their teens.

That’s something Shellabarger says she thinks needs to happen

“Kids just don’t get it through their heads,” she said

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