#parents | #teensvaping | Man in Memphis [Brutally Raped] 14-Year-Old Girl by infused with Drugs and Alcohol!!!

The Police Department in Memphis, Tennessee, has detained a man after the police found that he had raped a 14-year-old girl.

The police launched an investigation against the man after they were called to a clinic where the medical staff reported them about possible sexual assault. They told the authorities that they had this new case where a young lady, just aged 14, had sexually transmitting diseases.

After a proper chat with the young victim, the police new about Lander Settle. The teenage girl reported to the police that she was with this man who infused her with teen drugs and alcohol. After the teen passed out, Lander reportedly had sex with her and then took her to her house. Settle even went to buy black and milds before safely dropping to her home.

After knowing about this ugly incident, one man spoke to the local news outlet and expressed his distress about trusting another person. The local news, WREG, tried to reach the house address of the man, but when they arrived there, a woman popped up and told them she doesn’t know any person named Settle.

The shocked neighbors reported them that the house had small children living and playing under the roof. He was detained at Shelby County Criminal Justice Center but was bonded out on a whopping sum of 10 thousand dollars.

The authorities have scheduled date on February 10, for him to present before Memphis judge. People who stay nearby his home and the area near Orange Mund are angry against the man. It is uncertain that who has been representing Lander Settle. Meanwhile, the authorities have denied revealing the type of STD suffered by the victim, and she hasn’t been named to protect the identity of her.

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