#parents | #teensvaping | Met Police officer ‘struck teen with unlawful blows,’ court hears

A Met officer repeatedly struck a handcuffed teenager with his police-issue baton as the boy shouted “What are you doing to me? I’m only a child,” a court heard today.

Detective Constable Kevin Rowley, 37, of Southend, is accused of assaulting the teenager during a stop-and-search in Romford on April 22. Video footage of part of the incident went viral online. 

Hendon magistrates’ court heard the boy, now 18, was stopped by Dc Rowley in Heath Park Road and is said to have refused to comply with the search.

The officer denies assault. Prosecutor Arabella Macdonald said: “Mr Rowley was holding his metal baton above his head.

“Mr Rowley beat the youth at least five times. He said: ‘What are you doing to me? I am a child.’

“The prosecution says the force was unlawful.”

Police said the incident followed the arrest of a 17-year-old male on suspicion of possession of class B drugs.

Witness Anthony Bailey told the court: “I saw the officer produce a baton and strike the boy three times.” 

Another witness, Teri Vigors said the teenager “did allow the police officer to put him in handcuffs but he kept getting back up.

“The officer was asking him to stay in one place. If he had stayed seated it wouldn’t have escalated. He seemed like he was effectively trying to irritate the officer.”

He said Dc Rowley hit the teenager’s legs.  

The trial continues.

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