#parents | #teensvaping | Michigan teen’s lung transplant scars serve as vaping warning

A high school student left with “truck tyre rubber” lungs due to a casual vaping habit now carries a permanent physical reminder after receiving a life-saving double lung transplant.

The damage to 17-year-old Daniel Ament’s lungs was the worst his doctors in the US state of Michigan had ever seen and he was given a 10 per cent chance of survival before the surgery in October last year, Time Magazine reported.

His lungs were in such bad shape they could no longer deflate on their own, Dr Hassan Nemeh, surgeon at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, told the publication.

“We had to transplant him or pull support. I truly don’t think he had a lot of time left,” Dr Nemeh said.

Daniel Ament went to sleep one day and didn’t wake up until nearly a month later. Source: Grosse Pointe News/Fox13 News

“It was definitely a different kind of damage than we usually see. This lung was literally solid as if it was made out of truck-tyre rubber.”

Having gradually recovered from the major operation the teenager, who takes 20 pills a day to keep his body functioning, is now warning other young people about the potentially deadly risks of vaping.

The teen has launched a non-profit called Fight4Wellness in a mission he hopes will educate peers and help educators develop framework to help kids quit the unhealthy habit.

Daniel had always been athletic and academic, and had a goal to become a Navy Seal, but now faces a future limited by the abilities of his new organs.

This scar will serve as a permanent reminder of Daniel’s near-death experience. Source: Fox13 News

Little did he know that he would one day go to sleep and not wake up until nearly a month later.

“I spent 29 days on life support as a 16-year-old and I only had a 10 per cent chance of survival,” he told US news outlet Fox 2.

“Please be smart and think about the consequences that can be caused. It’s not worth the temporary feeling that you get when you’re vaping.”

He made headlines late last year for being the first person in the United States to undergo a lung transplant due to vaping.

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