#parents | #teensvaping | Mum-to-be faces court for selling drugs to schoolkids

A MOTHER-to-be who dealt drugs to teenagers has been given a second chance to get her life on track.

Tealia Rose Forrest pleaded guilty in Townsville Supreme Court for a series of drug-related charges including supplying and trafficking marijuana.

She was released on probation on Monday, with her lack of criminal history and her pregnancy saving her from a possible four-year jail term.

The court heard Forrest had been selling drugs with her mother, Tania Rose Forrest, for about 12 months but it all started to unravel when she began supplying teens at a Townsville high school.

After she supplied marijuana to one teen, one of their friends wanted the drug, then friends of friends became buyers.

But in late 2017, when police caught wind that Forrest was supplying teens, officers executed a search warrant and unravelled the whole operation.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Francis said the investigation revealed Forrest had offered or supplied drugs to 78 people on 162 occasions.

Mr Francis said there was evidence Forrest mostly dealt marijuana, but also Xanax and LSD on some occasions.

Over the 12-month period she sold about 944g of marijuana, valued at more than $12,000.

“She was aged 18 at the time of the offence, without a criminal history,” Mr Francis said.

He added Forrest, who was released on bail at the time, had not come to the attention of police since.

Defence barrister Harvey Walters said his client, who was due to give birth in the next month or so, had made an effort to turn her life around.

“She was living with her mother (at the time of the offending) and her mother, rather than stopping this, was part and parcel of the activities,” Mr Walters said.

“Unfortunately my client was exposed to these types of activities throughout her youth.”

Forrest, who had a history of marijuana and Xanax abuse, had been able to keep herself drug free since she was charged, Mr Walters told Justice David North.

Mr Walters said Forrest’s work history showed she could maintain a job and with the pending birth of her child, she was concerned about being separated from her baby.

Justice North said there was an indication she wanted to turn her life around.

Forrest was sentenced to a head sentence of three years, and was released on probation on Monday.

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