#parents | #teensvaping | Police: Austin teen found with meth twice over the weekend

Capt. Moilanen said the officer could smell marijuana on Bale. Bale allegedly admitted to having marijuana on him, and pulled out a bag with 1.73 grams of marijuana in it. However, according to Capt. Moilanen, after a search, the officer also found .76 grams of methamphetamine on Bale. 

The officer released Bale, pending formal charges. 

Then, on Sunday, January 5, that same officer was responding to a call of someone breaking into cars in the area of 3 Ave SE and 6 1/2 St. SE in Rochester. While in that area, the officer pulled over a vehicle that was driving with no headlights on. Once the officer pulled the car over, the driver got out and started walking toward the officer. The officer recognized the driver as Bale. 

Bale allegedly admitted to taking a vacuum cleaner from a nearby car. According to Capt. Moilanen, the officer found that vacuum in Bale’s car as well as ammunition and a shotgun. The officer also found .39 grams of meth on Bale. 

Because of a felony burglary conviction in Mower County, Bale is not allowed to have firearms. He was arrested. 

For the first incident, Bale is facing a 5th-degree controlled substance charge and a charge for having marijuana in a vehicle. For the second incident, Bale is facing charges of 5th-degree controlled substance, misdemeanor theft, tampering with a motor vehicle, and driving after revocation. 

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