#parents | #teensvaping | RACIST!! Cop BRUTALLY BEAT!!! Black Teen with Metal Baton is CLEARED of all CHARGES

A detective, DC Kevin Rowley, 37 years old, has been cleared of assaulting a 17 years old teenager with his metal baton last April. The teenager pleaded for help when the detective was striking him. He was arresting him over suspected drug possession. After an IOPC investigation, the detective was charged with assault.

Footage regarding the incident was also circulated, which showed the teenager crying for help when DC Kevin Rowley was striking him. He was saying, “I am a child… this is illegal. You can’t do this.”. In Romford, east London, last April 22, the detective arrested him by putting a handcuff on one of his wrists as he suspected possession of Class B drugs. The video circulated over social media and created a cause of concern because he was beaten brutally by the detective in order to arrest him.

Commander Catherine Roper, from the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards, said: “We made a referral to the IOPC to allow an independent investigation to take place into all the circumstances as it is only right to maintain confidence on how we police London.’ Use of force is tactic police must use responsibly.’ The detective has beaten the youth with at least five times with full force, and the incident was recorded on a camera by the public. After the baton swings, the youth says: “You are going to court, we are taking this to court.”

According to the evidence. Rowley was dressed in a navy suit and tie, and a blue shirt said he was with another officer when he spotted two boys crossing a zebra crossing in Romford. Witnesses who saw the incident were called to give evidence at the court. DC Rowley of Southend Essex had denied assault by beating.

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