#parents | #teensvaping | Student Overdosed By Narcotics Claims Teacher Sold It To Him And His Friend Who Died

Student Overdosed By Narcotics Claims Teacher Sold It To Him And His Friend Who Died

Shockingly a 20-year teaching assistant at Moon Lake Elementary School had sold Fentanyl to two minors. According to reports, the 17-year-old boy said that Mariam Deetz, the teacher, had sold it to him and his friend, 18-year-old. The 18-year-old friend had later died from overdosing.The Teaching Assistant Sold Drugs And Even Snorted Some Of It.

The students claim that the Mariam Deetz not only sold them Fentanyl but also snorted along with them. Mariam had also been doing cocaine while snorting reported the Pasco County Sheriff. Allegedly the teacher, Mariam Deetz, had sold the drugs to the two teens at $50.

Drug Addict Teacher busted When Officers Visited Her Home Finding More Truths About Her.

After this shocking report and accusation,, officers were sent to her address. After searching her home and car the Officers found the evidence they were looking for. Officers even found heroin accompanied by even Fentanyl buildup residue on a straw. The straw was similar to the one the teen had reported in the documents. Also, the torn $20 note was the last nail in the coffin for Mariam Deetz. It was exactly how the teens had described the note they had given the teacher according to the reports. The affidavit reports state that everything she possessed had proved the teens true to their claim.

However, Deetz later accepted that she had snorted narcotics with the teens. Though in the beginning she accepted taking drugs she did not agree to sell drugs. She says that she did not sell Fentanyl to the teens which had overdosed and killed one of them.

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