#parents | #teensvaping | Swindon teen drug dealer’s sentence deferred for 6 months

A TEEN dealer sold heroin and crack cocaine to pay back a cannabis debt, Swindon Crown Court heard.

Kameran Muhid had moved out of the family home and was living alone – aged 17 – when he was photographed in May last year selling class A drugs to undercover officer “Steve”.

Now 18, Muhid has been given six months to show he has changed his ways – after the court heard he was back living with his mum and had begun to turn his life around.

Prosecuting, Tessa Hingston said police officers posing as drug addicts had called a drugs line called “X” and ordered “four light and two dark”, slang for wraps of crack cocaine and heroin respectively.

The officers were told to go to Broad Street, Broadgreen, where they found another addict waiting to be supplied.

Muhid arrived on a bicycle and handed over drugs to the first addict but had to cycle off in order to pick up more stock for the undercover policeman.

He was photographed and, when interviewed later on, told detectives he had dealt drugs for a brief period in early 2019 but had given up shortly before his 18th birthday in June and resolved to improve his life.

He had been paid to work as a runner and was working off a cannabis debt.

Muhid, of Russ Avenue, Faringdon, pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court to supplying heroin and crack cocaine.

Emma Handslip, defending, said her client had fallen in with the wrong crowd having moved out of the family home. Since turning 18 he had moved back in with his mother and was doing agency work.

Judge Jason Taylor QC said he planned to give Muhid a two year suspended jail sentence but opted to defer that sentence for six months.

“I am told you recognise the foolish decisions that you made. I am going to give you a period of time to show that is the case,” he said.

The teen must commit no further offences and remain in work. He is due back before the court on July 30.

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