#parents | #teensvaping | Teen died ‘after taking ecstasy at club where staff refused to give tap water’

Clubbers say the Assembly was ‘horrendously hot’ and ‘dangerously overcrowded’ (Picture: Pill Report)

Ravers at a drum-and-bass event where a 19-year-old man fell ill and later died say staff refused to fill people’s water bottles despite the sweltering heat inside.

In the early hours of Saturday morning a teenager thought to have taken MDMA fell ill at The Assembly in Leamington Spa before dying in hospital.

A 22-year-old student remains in a serious condition while others suffered ‘adverse affects’, prompting police to put out a warning about a type of hexagonal ‘Red Bull’ ecstasy pills.

A number of clubbers who have spoken to Metro.co.uk say the venue had poor ventilation, was dangerously overcrowded, forcing people to wait 10 minutes to get to the smoking area to cool down.

Attendees say one jug of water was provided for more than 1,000 people which was ‘barely refilled’, while £5 bottles sold out at around 2.30am, before the event’s 4am finish time.

Some say they resorted to filling up cups and bottles using taps in the toilets, which reportedly stopped working at one point during the event.

Punters say it was so hot and sweaty they could hardly breathe and say you could see ‘moisture on the walls’.

One eyewitness who saw the 19-year-old clubber and tried to help him onto the cooler stairwell said bouncers did not step in to assist until paramedics arrived.

Andrew Kier, 22, from Peterborough, said: ‘The heat was horrendous. There was absolutely no ventilation whatsoever, I’m surprised how many people got ill.’

Warwickshire Police are investigating the incident on Saturday morning (Picture: SnapperSK

He says whenever he and his friend asked for water at the bar they were told to go to the jug at the bottom of bar, surrounded by huge crowds of people.

The mechanic said the doormen were ‘polite’ but ‘didn’t really want to help’ on the night and did not carry out any kind of evacuation procedure when an alarm unexpectedly went off.

A 22-year-old Clubber from Birmingham, who asked not to be named said he was told by staff that the alarm going off was ‘just to do with the heat’ and ‘nothing to worry about’.

One attendee from Stratford-Upon-Avon said the jug of water provided had a ‘salty’ taste to it, which she thinks could have put many off.

She added: ‘We literally couldn’t drink it, it didn’t taste like water, I don’t know if other people who were on drugs didn’t notice but we did.

Clubbers say the event was ‘oversold’ and that only one jug was provided for around 1,000 people (Picture: Pill Report)

Another customer said: ‘The heat radiating from the crowd was immense. Everyone was packed in like sardines.

‘It got even more packed until about 2am where you couldn’t even move through the crowd. The only escape was in the smoking area.

‘We had to queue up to 10 mins just to get out there sometimes. People were passing out in this queue and all their friends could do is hold them up.’

He said staff wouldn’t refill people’s water bottles at the bar forcing people to use the taps in the toilets instead.

Another raver said: ‘The conditions in there were horrendous, the venue had far exceeded it capacity.

‘The bar staff told us that they weren’t giving out free water and that it was £5 per bottle. The bar staff weren’t at all sympathetic and laughed at me when I said it was a joke.’

Police issued a warning about hexagonal ‘Red Bull’ pills the 19-year-old man was thought to have taken (Picture: PA)

A promoter who threw an event at the club around the beginning of the year told Metro.co.uk he experienced similar problems.

He said no free water was provided and that again, people were resorting to filling up in the toilets instead.

More than 60 accounts of the night are thought to have been received by Pill Report UK, a website sharing harm reduction advice for drug users.

In a post on Instagram the service’s director said he was inundated with messages about ‘mismanagement’ after putting out a warning about the ‘Red Bull MDMA pill’ the 19-year-old man was thought to have taken.

He added: ‘This behaviour is not new from the venue which routinely denies tap water which is a legal requirement and capitalises on drum and bass events by increasing water prices.’

The director, who did not want to give his name due to the nature of his work, said it would have been 57 degrees or hotter for the heat alarms to go off.

He added: ‘We would like to stress the role of the promoter and that of the venue are very different, the promoter provides the music and acts.

Pill Report have issued safety advice for any would-be MDMA users (Picture: Pill Report)

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‘It is the responsibility of the venue to provide a duty of care to the customer and ensure the venue does not exceed capacity by monitoring entry levels at the door.’

Giving advice to any would-be MDMA users, he said: ‘You don’t have to get f**ked out your face to have a good time, all you need is a good sound system, music and people around you.

‘The average pill strength in the UK is around 160mg and 100mg is one adult dose.

‘Remember to have fresh air breaks and sip no more than a pint of water every hour.’

A spokesperson for Warwick District Council say its licencing team ‘are aware of the issues that occurred over the weekend at The Assembly and are working with the police to establish all of the facts’.

Warwickshire Police said: ‘Enquiries are ongoing and we continue to work with all of our partners to investigate the full circumstances of the incident. We will not be commenting further whilst the investigation is ongoing.’

Metro.co.uk has contacted The Assembly for comment and is yet to hear back.

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