#parents | #teensvaping | Teen drug driver caught twice in two weeks

A TEENAGE drug driver caught twice in the space of two weeks will now be without a license for a full year.

Tracey Ann Anderson, 19 fronted Charleville Magistrates Court on February 19 facing two charges of drug driving while on a provisional license.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court on December 24 at 2.20pm, police intercepted Anderson on Cobb St for the purposes of a random drug test.

After returning a positive result, Anderson admitted to using cannabis recently.

After further analysis of her sample, it produced a positive result for cannaboids and methamphetamine.

On January 6 at 6.31pm, Anderson was intercepted again for the purposes of a random drug test where she admitted to using meth recently.

A specimen of her saliva produced a positive result for methamphetamine.

The court heard that Anderson had a previous drink driving charge which was finalised in July 2018.

Anderson’s lawyer told the court that the Charleville local uses drugs recreationally but denies being addicted.

“In both cases she was surprised the drugs remained in her system for that long,” he said.

“The offence in January she said she had taken the drugs three days prior.”

Anderson pleaded guilty to both charges.

“What your history will now show is that you’re not yet 20 and have one drink driving and two drug driving charges,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“This is something you need to address if you’re going to continue driving a car and in your personal life as well.”

Magistrate Saggers convicted Anderson, fined her $400 for the first charge and disqualified her from driving for four months.

For the second charge, he fined Anderson $600 and disqualified her from driving for eight months.

“Try to do something in your personal life to ensure this doesn’t happen again, but that’s your choice,” he said.

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