#parents | #teensvaping | Teen lucky to be alive after crashing at high speed

A TEENAGER has pleaded guilty to driving with drugs in his system and dangerously operating his car when it crashed with passengers on board.

A court heard Jarod John Stephen Voysey, 18, was driving at Birtinya on October 27 when he crashed.

Police prosecutor Phillip Stephens said the crash was “severe” and alleged Voysey, from Caloundra, was travelling at almost twice the speed limit of 70km/h.

He said multiple passengers in the car sustained injuries that weren’t serious.

Sergeant Stephens submitted a sentence could range from probation to a period of suspended imprisonment.

At Caloundra Magistrates Court today, Voysey pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle dangerously, excessively speeding, and driving while a relevant drug was present in his system as a learner or provisional driver.

He had no criminal history.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Voysey was lucky he didn’t kill himself or someone else.

The matter was adjourned to February 12 for a prepared plea.

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