#parents | #teensvaping | ‘Teen Mom Young and Pregnant’: Fans slam Rachel for not being careful and refusing to take birth control pills

Rachel and Jacob’s relationship has been getting serious but there is one thing her mom, Stephanie is scared about and that is Rachel getting pregnant again. Rachel is a proud mother of her daughter, Hazlee, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend, Drew but her mother does not want Rachel to have another baby when she has just had a baby. 

To make sure that history does not repeat itself, Stephanie has been urging Rachel to start taking birth control pills or consult a doctor to know more about different ways of preventing pregnancy. Rachel did not seem happy with the suggestion and stated that she wanted to go to a doctor who was experienced. 

Stephanie felt confused and reminded her that the doctor who operated on her while giving birth to Hazlee is also experienced. Despite this, Rachel did not want to think about taking birth control pills. Later, when Stephanie asked her if she was using protection, she stated that she wasn’t because it was too expensive. 

Meanwhile, Rachel also had a conversation with Jacob and told him about how her mother is consistent about her using birth control. Jacob told her that the decision lies with her and no one can tell her otherwise.  The two also discussed having another baby. Jacob told her that he would love to have a child with her but was unsure. 

Rachel understood from where he was coming from and admitted that she felt the same thing. While the two seemed accepting of the idea of having another child fans thought that Rachel was not being sensible. “Just what they need, another baby for her mom to pay for. Which dude is that even? She flips back and forth so much I can’t keep them straight. Baby daddy or pretend baby daddy?” one fan wrote. 

Another added, “I can’t watch this. They should be counseled. They are making mistakes per generation. And I haven’t seen a smart word out of his mouth. Or looks on drugs. So sorry for this family.” Even though Rachel is sure of her decision, fans think she should reconsider and take her mother’s advice. 

‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 

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