#parents | #teensvaping | ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’: Rachel decides to meet her father, but everyone else thinks it’s a bad idea

Rachel Beaver is planning to mend her past relationships as she decided to meet her father after years of spending time apart. Rachel had previously opened up about her mom and dad being addicted to drugs in the past but ever since her mom got sober, the reality star has been staying with her mother. 

Even though Rachel and her mother have been close ever since her mother got clean she hasn’t had the same relationship with her father. After spending years away from him, Rachel decided that it was time she got to know him as well. In a bid to do that, Rachel decided to meet her dad. 

She even invited her sister, Malorie Beaver, and asked her if she would be willing to meet their father. However, unlike Rachel, Malorie wasn’t keen on meeting their father. She then told Rachel about her hesitation to meet him. Luckily for her, Rachel understood the feelings she was going through and stated that ultimately it was Malorie’s decision. 

However, Rachel’s mother was not happy with the fact that her daughter would be going to meet her father alone. She confessed that she did not feel comfortable that Rachel was going to meet him when Malorie is not with her. Her mom wanted someone responsible to go with Rachel if she were to meet her dad. However, Rachel did not appreciate this and lashed out saying that she was “sick and tired of being treated as a child.” Rachel further warned that even if people tried stopping her from seeing her father she would go ahead and do it behind their back while adding that she had her cellphone in case anything went wrong. 

Despite hearing this, Rachel’s mom was still trying to coax her out of going but all her words did not seem to affect Rachel as she was adamant about going and meeting him since she felt her dad too deserved a second chance like her mother. 

While Rachel and her mother seem to have had a falling out due to this, it doesn’t look like anyone can stop her from meeting her father. 

‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 
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