#parents | #teensvaping | Teen on acid bites deputy in Otis, police say

A 16-year-old male on hallucinogenic drugs bit a Lincoln County deputy as she attempted to subdue him at a residence in Otis, the county sheriff’s office said.

The deputy was dispatched shortly before midnight Saturday after a caller reported that the juvenile was under the influence of “acid” or another hallucinogen and had assaulted another person at the residence. When the deputy arrived and attempted to speak with him, the male retreated to the kitchen, began beating kitchen utensils together and repeatedly attempted to kick her, officials said.

In the struggle that followed, the deputy and the juvenile fell to the ground and he bit the deputy on the upper left arm, authorities said. The deputy then used her Taser to subdue him.

Both the deputy and the male were treated for minor injuries at the hospital and the juvenile was charged with assaulting a public safety officer and harassment. He was released at the hospital.

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