#parents | #teensvaping | Teen who bit two cops is ordered to do unpaid work

A teenager who bit two police officers in separate incidents has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

Benjamin Norman Harry Ford, of Grenaby Road, Ballabeg, was said to be ’off his head on drugs’ during one of the incidents.

He was ordered to pay £250 compensation to each officer.

The 17-year-old admitted two counts of assaulting a police officer, one of obstructing a drug search, and one of resisting arrest.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said she would be asking the community service organiser to arrange meetings between Ford and the police officers so he could better understand the issues behaviour such as biting can cause.

We previously reported that police were called to a disturbance at Y Vaarney Yiarg in Castletown on November 15 at 10.45pm.

Ford was detained for a drug search and was agitated, slurring his words, and foaming slightly at the mouth.

As police put handcuffs on him he tensed his arms, kicked out and struggled.

Ford bit one officer on the bicep and eventually had to be restrained using Pava spray.

While Ford was on bail for that incident police were called to Scarlett Close in Castletown on November 30 at 11.15pm after a witness reported a male ’off his head on drugs’.

Police located Ford and he was said to have pulled away from them struggling violently as they tried to restrain him. The teen kicked out and police had to call for back-up.

Ford bit one officer on the inside of the thigh and was subsequently Pava sprayed and put in leg restraints. Both bites caused minor injury and did not break the skin.

Advocate Stephen Wood said mitigating points were his client’s young age, immediate guilty pleas, remorse, his engagement with the Drug and Alcohol Team, and his change in attitude.


’He acknowledges he’s had problems,’ said Mr Wood. ’He has changed his circle of friends.

’He spent nine days at the children’s secure unit, his first experience of a custodial environment.’

A probation report assessed Ford as having a low risk of reoffending and of harm to others.

Mr Wood said: ’All of the signs are good, that this young man has learned from his mistakes. He’s learning today that he can’t behave in the way he has.’

Letters of apology to the two police officers have already been passed on, he said.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes said Ford should be grateful for the support of his mother and grandmother who were in court and had written ’moving’ letters.

She added: ’The cause of your offending is undoubtedly drug misuse. You really are at a fork in the road.’

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