#parents | #teensvaping | Twitch streamers banned after snorting suspicious substance in public

Two young Twitch streamers have been banned from the broadcasting platform after indulging in drugs in a public setting.

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, broadcasters around the world capture unexpected moments as they unravel in real time – but although unexpected, some of these moments are actually intentional.

One such intentional moment took place on the stream of two  British teenager,s who were sitting outside together in view of the camera.

While most teenagers stream video games or nights out with friends, these teens’ broadcast took an entirely different turn.

Also caught on camera was the youngsters’ blatant drug use, with both girls imbibing ketamine and marijuana in broad daylight.

One was smoking a bong and the other inhaling a bump of ketamine through her nostril. It was quite obvious that these teens were engaging in illicit activities – which apparently caught the attention of older bystanders out of frame of the camera, according to one of the girls.

“Why is there just old people… [unintelligible], what are they looking at?” the short-haired teen laughingly asked her friend. “What they looking at, man? I’m just trying to snort some ket!”

Needless to say, the youngster’s account was quickly banned after her broadcast went viral across sites like LivestreamFails – likely due to Twitch’s stance against using illegal drugs on stream.

According to the site’s Community Guidelines, “any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm” is prohibited on the platform, which includes such offenses as “suicide threats, intentional physical trauma” and even “illegal use of drugs.”

Gage, Skidmore, Flickr | Twitch’s Community Guidelines make clear mention that illegal drug use is prohibited on the platform.

Although some states in America have legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana, cannabis remains highly illegal in the United Kingdom – as is ketamine, a substance that is reportedly on the rise among the country’s young citizens.

Thus, the teens broke Twitch’s Community Guidelines: but it doesn’t look like the banning has stopped the two from their streaming activities.

As of writing this article, both girls have begun streaming under a new account named “zoinkedtv,” where they addressed their ban in a comeback stream titled “Sometimes, banning happens.”

Although Twitch has yet to take action against their new channel, it’s likely only a matter of time before the teens get hit with yet another ban from the platform in wake of their extracurricular activities.

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