#parents | #teensvaping | Vaping Giants Like Juul Have Reversed Years Of Progress Against Tobacco Use, Researchers Say

Researchers express the severity of the current vaping epidemic.

Vaping companies like Juul have greatly appealed to young people, with use of these products growing dramatically over recent years. Many people, some even in their teens, have become hooked upon nicotine as a result. Now researchers are using staggering statistics to emphasize just how serious the vaping epidemic has become and the way it has reversed years of progress against tobacco use, according to US News.

Young people are brought up being taught that smoking traditional cigarettes is terrible for one’s overall health and can lead to serious consequences later on. But there was a lot of mixed information regarding the Juul when it first came out, many believing vaping to be an entirely safe practice. Research has since emerged that shows that this is simply not the case.
A recent study showed that the number of Americans between the ages of 15-years-old and 34-years-old that have tried the Juul has nearly doubled just between 2018 and 2019. The study also showed that the majority of Juul consumers are young people.

These statistics are particularly concerning for anti-tobacco advocate groups such as the Truth Initiative.

“Youth tobacco use is at its highest in nearly 20 years, primarily driven by e-cigarettes resulting in over 5 million youth now vaping across America,” explained Robin Koval, CEO and president of this initiative.

This is particularly disheartening news because many of those who are now hooked on nicotine due to vaping would have probably never even touched a traditional cigarette. It’s believed that the appealing sweet flavored e-juice that Juul offers, as well as the slim and sleek design of the product, appealed to young people. By the time more information came out about how these products affect the body, it was too late for many young people already addicted to the product.

“Years of progress in the fight against youth tobacco [use] have been reversed. With millions of teens, most of whom were not smokers, now using a high-nicotine tobacco product,” Koval said.

In an effort to combat this serious epidemic and threat to public health, President Trump has passed new legislation to make it more difficult for these products to get into the hands of minors. Flavored vaping products, such as Juul’s popular mint, mango, cucumber and fruit medley have been banned. Those of legal age may still purchase the methanol and tobacco flavors, at least for the time being.

In addition, as The Inquisitr previously reported, the age of which one must be to legally purchasing tobacco products has increased from 18-years-old to 21-years-old.

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