#parents | #teensvaping | Watch Teens Destroying Their JUULs

Vaping is already a thing of the past for thousands of teenagers on TikTok. According to Truth Initiative, nearly 50 percent of 15- to 24-year-olds who currently use e-cigarettes have resolved to quit in the new year, and it looks like they’re doing so by taking part in the #ThisIsQuitting challenge on the social media platform.

At the start of the new year, Truth launched a campaign in partnership with a handful of TikTok influencers that encourages young people to film themselves getting rid of their vape pens in creative ways — most of which see them drowning their Juuls in bottles of water — under the hashtag #ThisIsQuitting. So far, influencers who have committed to the challenge include Nick Uhas, Sam Grubbs, and Tisha Alyn.

“The latest data show more young people than ever are vaping, a harsh reality that becomes even more apparent through social media,” Alyn said in a statement. “This hits me close to home because this is the environment that my two younger brothers face, and I want to help change that. That’s why I’m very excited to partner with truth and use my platform to inspire kids to kick their JUULs to the curb and quit for good.”

The #ThisIsQuitting program first launched in January 2019, and according to more data from Truth, over half of the 77,000 people who enrolled reported that they had already quit or reduced their usage of e-cigarettes after two weeks of participating. Teens and young adults interested in joining the program can text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709 and get help. Watch a few videos from the #ThisIsQuitting challenge ahead.

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