#parents | #teensvaping | WisDOT says you can benefit from its new crash reporting system

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) — The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has transitioned to an all-electronic crash reporting system to improve the experience for officers and everyday drivers.
According to David Harvey, a WisDOT section chief, the electronic system is used by all law enforcement agencies across the state. He said the benefits of the system are that it is standardized and cost-efficient and collects data faster than pen and paper.
Harvey said drivers can benefit, too, with access to a “community map” that gives them the same crash information traffic engineers have.
On the site, anyone can view where crashes are concentrated and identify trends or problem areas. There are filters that show what crashes are related to, such as alcohol, drugs or teen driving.
“They [anyone] can pull up their community and look at crash statistics, the location of crashes, so that if they need to go to their locals officials or the DOT with their concerns, they have the same information that the traffic engineers have.”
Harvey added that the ideas for this transition dates back to 2001.

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